Kaare Klint: Cabinet, 1930
Made by Rud. Rasmussen. Cuban mahogany

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This cabinet, made in 1974 by George Nakashima out of walnut, white cedar and grass cloth, is on exhibit at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Ligonier, Westmoreland County.

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Cabinet, kevinrodel, sideboard, storage, 보관함, 수납장, 콘솔

Glasgow Sideboard

70" X 22" X 46" high.

With one adjustable shelf behind each set of doors, this piece supplies ample storage space for linens and china. Custom interiors can be discussed such as those required for liquor cabinets or stereo equipment. Shown here in cherry with maple inlay.

Glasgow Sideboard

32" X 19" X 42" high

For those small tight areas, but using the same design form as the full Glasgow Sideboard, this two door version works very well.

Cabinet, chest, ChrisMartin, 수납장, 장식장

Queen Anne's Alter Ego, 1998
CurlyWhite Oak, Brown Oak Burl, Copper Leaf, Forged Steel

Nemesis, 2004
Reclaimed Redwood, Curly Ash, Bronze.

Stereo Cabinet, 1999
Sycamore, Chechen, Forged Steel

Cabinet, 수납장
BOX, chest, toybox, 박스, 수납장

Dimensions: 33 3/8?x 18 1/2?x 24 1/4?

Dimensions: 29.75 in L x 15.9 in W x 19.75 in H

BOX, Drawer, 수납장, 자작, 자작나무, 자작합판,

Cupboard singel door

Material: brich plywood.
Dimensions: W 34 x H 35 x D 34 cm.

Materials drawers, small

Material: birch plywood with rollers made of solid beech.
Measurements: W 30 x H 28 x D 53 cm.

Rolling wagon wide

Material: birch plywood with rollers made of solid beech.
Measurements: W 45 x H 28 x D 53 cm

material drawer, mais

Material: birch plywood.
Measurements: W 30 x H 27 x D 53 cm.

수납장, 자작, 자작나무, 자작합판, 책장

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