Kaare Klint: Desk, c.1930
Made by Rud. Rasmussen. Mahogany

출처 : http://www.danish-furniture.com

Finn Juhl: Desk, 1948
Made by Bovirke. Teak and metal

Finn Juhl: Desk, 1945
Made by Niels Vodder. Beech and teak

출처 : http://www.danish-furniture.com

Arne Jacobsen: Desk, 1955
Made by Fritz Hansen. Teak and steel

desk, 책상

name of design : borrod
design by : line depping from denmark

desk, TomokoAzumi, 책상

AT-AT 2007

desk, 높이, 높이조절, 책상

Nautilus Desk

Junior captains have a lot to learn before they become admirals. This desk helps them navigate even without a map and compass. With a 2-position adjustable satchel holder, the desk sets the course. But staying organized is still the little captan's job!
Material: beech pywood, metal.
Dimensions: tabletop W 113,5 D 59,5 / 79,5, Height 72 cm
overall Space required: W 143 x D 79,5 cm

Desk Garden Cottage

With felt-covered pin board. Can also be left out. With 2 small adjustable corner compartments, and a large storage depot under the tabletop.
Material: birch plywood, solid beech.
Dimension: W 126 x D 85,5 x H 55 - 72 cm..

Bed, Cabinet, desk, 아이방, 옷장, 의자, 자작나무, 자작합판, 책상, 침대

하바사의 제품이다.

Chair Sleeping Beauty

Material: Seat and backrest of birch, feet of solid beech.
Dimensions: W 41 x H 77 - 83,5 x D 44 cm
Seat height: 35 - 43 cm

Desk Sleeping Beauty

The crown piece of this beauteful desk is the felt-covered pin board. When it is removed, a window into fairy land is created.
With 2 small adjustable corner compartments, and a large storage depot under the tabltop.
Material: birch polywood, solid beech.
Dimensions: W 126 x H x 85,5 x H 55 - 72 cm.

Wardrobe Sleeping Beauty

With 6 narrow shelves (1fixed, 5 adjustable shelves) in the center, a total of 5 wide adjustable shelves, and a clothes rod behind the doors, 2 small and one large drawer, 3 side hangers, one clothes hood, 4 blossoming vines, and a drawstring flower-print satchel.
Material: birch plywood, front made of medium-density fibreboard with birch veneer.
Body dimensions: W 130 x H x 180 D 60 cm.
Space requirement: W 158 x H 199 x D 80 cm.

desk, 자작, 자작나무, 자작합판, 책상

아이를 위한 책상..

이정도면.. ^^

Desk Kontiki

With slant top natural CD shelf.
Dimensions: W 144 x H 59 - 74 x D 79 cm.

desk, PaulLombardi, 책상

"Scittura Writing Desk"
Wood Desk
Bubinga desk with edge of laminated wenge. Urethane and oil finish topped with carnauba wax.

Dimensions: 29"H x 32"W x 64"L

desk, 책상

Trevi Desk
Bubinga, Quilted Maple, Bog Oak

Atkins Desk
Oregon Walnut, Pippy Elm, Damascus Steel, Leather
W 66" X D 31" X H 30”

Ridge Writing Desk
Cherry, Bog Oak, Ash, Leather
w 60" x d 29" x h 29"


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