Neils Moeller Dining Set with Extension Table and 6 Chairs

Height: 2 ft. 5 in.
Width/Length: 4 ft. 4 in.
Depth: 2 ft. 11 in.

Materials/Technique: Teak, upholstery.

"Arch" - Office/Dining Table - 2002

Next extension table
This table looks quite normal when it is closed, but it can be extended from 160 to 220 cm, making it ideal to easily and comfortably accommodate from 4 to 8 people.The design recalls the Sciza chair, but it can also be matched with others.The table comes in three sizes cm 90 x 90, 160 x 90 and 160/220 x 90.
Natural, Wenge stained
Fix: W90,160, 220 D90 H74 CM
Extension: W160 / 220 D90 H74 CM

Chair, MasayukiKurokawa, table, 식탁, 식탁세트, 의자, 조명

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Chair, 식탁, 식탁세트, 의자

design by harri koskinen

design by kanji ueki

Diningtable, GeorgeNakashima, table, 식탁

George Nakashima Conoid dining table, 1965,

black walnut top with free-form edge and two knot holes of approximately 3" in diameter each over a walnut trestle base, 72"w, x 36"d x 28.5"h,

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Diningtable, 식탁

"Frenchman's Cove II" Dining Table

table, Veneer, 식탁, 자작, 자작나무, 테이블, 합판

Lock Table

Materials : Dark, White or Oak veneer
Dimensions : L: 70 - 230 / D: 40 - 120 / H: 75 cm

Ply Table Tapered

Materials : Dark, White or Oak Veneer

Dimensions : W: 120- 230 / D: 60-100 / H: 75cm
Each table weighs 60 - 90 kg.

Ply Table Round

Materials : Dark, White or Oak Veneer
Dimensions : W: 120- 210 / D: 60-100 / H: 75cm

Each table weighs 60 - 90 kg

식탁, 테이블

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table, 식탁, 확장형식탁

Butterfly Table
The "Butterfly" table uses a unique off center hinge that allows the leaf to fold into the interior and become self-storing. Easy one hand movement unfolds the leaf into the open extended position.
42"w x 78"l x 30"ht w/19"leaf
seats 10

Cherry wood

Argus Table
Asian inspired, the Argus uses through mortice and tenon joinery on the 3"thick legs and split rail details. The leaf extension is also a "Butterfly" mechanism.
42"w x 84"l x 30"ht w/19"leaf
seats 10



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