Arne Jacobsen: Chest of Drawers, 1958
Made by Asmussen & Weber. Vengformica, steel

Deborah's Dresser - 2005

Scott King

"Isabella's Treasures", 8Hx15Wx6D, Beech/Sp.Cedar/Fir/R.Cabreuva

독특한 디자인.. 깔끔하고..

출처 :

Cabinet, Drawer, PhilippMainzer, 서랍장

Draft Cabinet
Designer: Philipp Mainzer, 2007

ChrisMartin, Drawer, 서랍장

Torii Chest, 1998
Quilted Maple, Curly Maple, Chechen, Ash, Forged Steel

Drawer, Dresser, 서랍장
DonGreen, Drawer, 서랍장

"Sir Gilbert's Chest of Drawers"
Wood Chest
By: Don Green

Sapele mahagany wood chest with seven drawers and handles of steel and rubber. Base is ebonized wood. Signed on back.

Dimensions: 72"H x 54"W x 26"D

Drawer, Dresser, 서랍장, 수납장, 옷장, 장식장

A tall generous dresser wih three drawers below and shelves behind richly panelled doors above.
54"w x 56"ht x 20"


Isho II
Isho II is a cousin of Isho but with a different base and configuration.
It has a four drawers below with shelf storage above and a special drawer inside.
54"w x 45"ht x 22"d
African Mahogany
Bolivian Rosewood

Drawer, Dresser, 서랍장


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