Kaare Klint: Desk, c.1930
Made by Rud. Rasmussen. Mahogany

출처 : http://www.danish-furniture.com

Finn Juhl: Desk, 1948
Made by Bovirke. Teak and metal

Finn Juhl: Desk, 1945
Made by Niels Vodder. Beech and teak

출처 : http://www.danish-furniture.com

Arne Jacobsen: Desk, 1955
Made by Fritz Hansen. Teak and steel

Cabinet, DeanPulver, 선반, 장식장

Camera Cabinet - 2002

Sinube Residence Corner Shelving - 2004

CarterSio, Shelf, 서랍장, 선반, 장식장

Carter Sio
Shelf #1
Plywood & Driftwood

bookcase, 책장

name of design : boox
design by : han li + Yan Hu from china

desk, 책상

name of design : borrod
design by : line depping from denmark

RobertHaussmann, TrixHaussmann, 장식장, 책장

JEU DES PANNEAUX has open compartments partitioned to echo the bond of masonry. The unit, of two, three, four or five tiers, can be fitted at each level with a magnet-held sliding panel. The construction of 4 cm members is assembled on site with the aid of invisible magnetic screw joints.

Trix Haussmann

Architect BSA in Zrich
Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology with degree in architecture and urban development. From 1967 shared office with Robert Haussmann. Participation together with Robert Haussmann at various international exhibitions and publications.

Robert Haussmann

Architect BSA in Zrich
1931 born in Zrich. Formation in Zrich and Amsterdam. Apprentice of Willy Guhl. Co-founder of the group "Swiss Design". Guest lecturer and teaching positions at various schools. Own office for Architectur and Design, from 1967 together with Trix Haussmann.

desk, TomokoAzumi, 책상

AT-AT 2007

Cabinet, DavidFleming, 장식장

David Fleming

Cabinet - Honduras Mahogany & Douglas Fir


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