Camera Cabinet - 2002

Sinube Residence Corner Shelving - 2004

Carter Sio
Shelf #1
Plywood & Driftwood

name of design : boox
design by : han li + Yan Hu from china

RobertHaussmann, TrixHaussmann, 장식장, 책장

JEU DES PANNEAUX has open compartments partitioned to echo the bond of masonry. The unit, of two, three, four or five tiers, can be fitted at each level with a magnet-held sliding panel. The construction of 4 cm members is assembled on site with the aid of invisible magnetic screw joints.

Trix Haussmann

Architect BSA in Zrich
Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology with degree in architecture and urban development. From 1967 shared office with Robert Haussmann. Participation together with Robert Haussmann at various international exhibitions and publications.

Robert Haussmann

Architect BSA in Zrich
1931 born in Zrich. Formation in Zrich and Amsterdam. Apprentice of Willy Guhl. Co-founder of the group "Swiss Design". Guest lecturer and teaching positions at various schools. Own office for Architectur and Design, from 1967 together with Trix Haussmann.

Cabinet, DavidFleming, 장식장

David Fleming

Cabinet - Honduras Mahogany & Douglas Fir

처음 구매를 하면 이렇게 두꺼운 일반 합판과 다를 바가없다

중간에 파란선만 있을뿐

이렇게 반을 가르면 한면이 강한자석으로 되어있다

그냥 벽은 어렵겠지만 벽철판을 대거나,벽에 선반 폭보다 얇은 작은 철판 하나를 박아 놓거나

냉장고 같은기타 철판류에 이렇게 붙이면,받침같은 군더더기가 없어 깔끔하다

이동도 쉽고,선반을 달기위에 드릴 같은것이 필요 없다










멋진 아이디어 하나더^^

책을 보다 편리하게 보기위한 깔끔한 아이디어 상품 ^^
어때요? 괜찮지 않나요?
세상에는 당신이 따라야할 논리적이고 검증된 안전한 단계별 공식 따위는 없다
나무들이 우거진 숲속의 어지러운 길들이 있을 뿐이다.도전하라

bookcase, Cabinet, kevinrodel, 장식장, 책장

Harvey Ellis Bookcase

56" high X 49" wide X 15-1/2" deep.

Cerridwen Bookcase

38" high X 54" long X 17-1/2" deep.

A low version of the Harvey Ellis Bookcase, with maple and pewter inlay

Cerridwen Bookcase, Long version

38" high X 72" long X 17-1/2" deep

Simply a longer variation on the Cerridwen bookcase with 2 additional side compartments.

Glasgow Bookcase

63" high X 36" X 14" deep.

This bookcase is ideally suited for narrow spaces. It is shown here in cherry with pierced side panels, extensive ebony inlay, hand-blown glass, hammered copper door pulls and three adjustable shelves.


Shelves for Show

44 wide, 17 deep, and 79 high

Cabinet, DisplayCabinet, RobertErickson, 장식장

Corner Unit
We make custom display cabinets that use halogen lights and glass shelves. This cabinet has solid wood doors.

Display Cabinet, maple

ChrisMartin, 장식장, 책장

Warped Cabinet , 2000
Cherry, Painted Wood


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